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Netflix Canada Series Dream/Killer

Making a Murderer at some point in time was being binge-watched on Netflix accounts across the country. The story of the wrongly accused Steven Avery resonated with everyone, and his case is still ongoing. Netflix, knowing how much we all crave true crime, is bringing another documentary to their platform. Netflix Canada series Dream/Killer could be even better than Making a Murderer

The documentary is based on a true story and follows the Ferguson family. Ryan Ferguson is wrongfully sentenced for murder causing his dad to step in and challenge the American judicial system.

He was charged with the murder of a man named Kent Heitholt who was found murdered in a parking lot back in 2001. The case remained cold until two years later when claims of the night sent the police after Ferguson. 

The documentary has been released for quite some time now, 2015, but Netflix has finally found this hidden and gem and is sharing it with the world. 

While a quick google search will bring up the entire case definitley stop reading here if you want to remain completely spoiler-free.

Ferguson's lawyer tweeted a photo of herself and Ferguson toasting to the release of the movie on the streaming platform. Saying, "Ryan Ferguson learning that his documentary Dream/Killer will be on Netflix starting 11/20. You wear freedom well my friend."

Although we know that Ferguson is currently released, the road to freedom was most likely anything but easy.

While you're waiting for new findings in the Avery case, the Dream/Killer documentary seems like something any Making a Murderer fan would enjoy.

Dream/Killer hits Netflix on November 20

If you're not into the horror of true crime, Netflix just released their upcoming Christmas movies.

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