This New True Crime Series On Netflix Canada Is Confusing & Shocking All At The Same Time

Henry Lucas confessed to more than 600 murders!
Netflix Canada The Confession Killer

Although it's time for the holidays and our choices on Netflix have been swapped from horror flicks to movies like The Christmas Prince, spooky season never ends for people who are obsessed with true crime, and Netflix definitely knows it. They've announced a new documentary perfect for binge-watching this December. Netflix Canada's The Confession Killer already looks so confusing but amazing and we've only seen the trailer. 

This is possibly one of the most unique serial killer cases the world has ever dealt with. 

Back in the 1980s, a man named Henry Lee Lucas confessed to committing more than 600 murders. 

Unexplained cases were finally solved and families got the answers they had been asking for years, or at least that's what they thought. 

Although his stories began to become colluded with holes and in some cases were impossible, people believed Lucas' confessions because of his ability to draw each and every one of his victims exactly, eye colour included. 

His case was broadcasted worldwide and he even became a type of American celebrity. 

DNA tests finally revealed the truth of Lucas, and Netflix is bringing us the entire story of how "Henry Lee Lucas rose to infamy when he confessed to hundreds of unsolved murders. This docuseries examines the truth -- and horrifying consequences."

How did he manage to convince the police force of these murders? Netflix is giving us all the answers

The documentary will be presented on Netflix in five parts and according to the director, Robert Kenner, is "more than a serial killer's story." The Confession Killer is a "psychological drama" that Kenner said, "drew me [Kenner] to it so strongly."

The Confession Killer hits the platform on December 6, so if you're not into Netflix's recent Christmas movie list, this docuseries is for you. 

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