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Netflix Canada Introduced “Top 10” Feature That Shows Popular Content To Cut Browsing Time

The streaming giant is slowly but surely rolling out new features that will make our binge-watching experience all the better. When you're really stumped on what new series to get hooked on or what movie to pop on during a night in, why not take advice from what other Canadians are watching? The new Netflix Canada Top 10 feature shows the most popular content to keep you entertained. 

According to Netflix Media Center, the Top 10 list first rolled out in Mexico and the UK for the past six months. They wrote that "Members in both countries have found them useful" so the feature is now available in more areas including Canada. 

Netflix Media Center writes that the new row on the platform "will enable you to see what is most popular on Netflix in your country. It will be updated every day and the position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you."

The overall Top 10 list mixes the most popular films and movies together. But there's also the option to just see Top 10 movies and Top 10 series when you click on each tab.

Plus when you're scrolling through the seemingly endless content, items that are part of the top 10 list will stand out with a badge. If you click the title to expand it, you'll see where on the list that show or movie places.

Vancouver Sun writes that "Netflix uses an algorithm to serve up content based on a user’s viewing history, but still faces criticism that it is difficult to browse. The Top 10 list addresses that criticism, and also reflects a trend by the company to be more transparent about how its shows are performing." 

Since the streaming service claims that content will change often, you can expect new things to pop up on the list.

For example, today's Top 10 TV shows in Canada are Love Is Blind, Narcos: Mexico, Locke & Key, Babies, Vikings, The Stranger, Better Call Saul, The Chef Show, I Am A Killer, and The Office. 

This new feature comes two weeks after Netflix Canada rolled out the option to disable autoplay trailers while you browse. Hopefully, they continue serving up new and exciting features! 

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