A Ton Of Horror Movies Will Be Added To Netflix Canada Up Until Halloween

Spooky szn is officially underway.
A Ton Of Horror Movies Will Be Added To Netflix Canada Up Until Halloween

As much as I love summer, fall will always have a special place in my heart. The transition from long, hot summer days to chilly autumn afternoons is bittersweet, but when the leaves start to change colour, you know that so many fun things are underway! A lot of people's favourite part about this time of year is Halloween and all the spooky things that come with it. Netflix Canada's Halloween horror movie lineup is what you need this fall.

This first scary movie set to release is called In the Shadow of the Moon, and it will be streaming on September 27. The film tells the story of Thomas Lockhart, a cop in 1988 on the hunt after a mysterious serial killer who only makes an appearance every nine years.

Next up on the list is In the Tall Grass which will be released on October 4. This creepy tale is based on a novella by Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill. It tells the story of a young brother and sister, Cal and Becky. The two get lost and separated in a tall field of grass, finding themselves disoriented and in the presence of an evil spirit.

On October 11, Netflix users everywhere will be streaming Fractured, a psychological thriller about a father named Ray Monroe who's headed back from a weekend with his family when his daughter is hurt in an accident. Ray rushes her to the hospital, but shortly after she's admitted, any record of her existence vanishes, leaving Ray all alone and confused.

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Next up is a film called Eli, which is set to release a week after FracturedEli is about a young boy who's been plagued with a mysterious and debilitating illness, leaving him separated from the rest of the world. When an experimental treatment comes up, Eli's parents are overjoyed, but unfortunately for Eli, the treatment has some dire side effects.

The last movie you have to look forward to is called Rattlesnake and will be released on October 25. The film tells the story of Katrina and Clara, a mother-daughter duo off to start a new life together. When Katrina is bitten by a snake, Clara makes a deal with a mysterious woman in order to save her mother's life, but of course, that deal has some nasty consequences.