The Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Canada Originals Are So Unexpected

They racked up 527 million views altogether!
Netflix Canada's Most Watched Originals

The best thing Netflix ever did for themselves was deciding to produce originals content, and the numbers they just released is proving it. Netflix has never been one to boast about their viewership numbers, in fact, they only began releasing quarterly reports to the public this year. And let's just say Netflix had one heck of a year. Netflix Canada's most-watched originals were released with their top 10 original releases racking up grand total of 527 million views altogether. 

These numbers come just before the launch of the new Disney+ streaming service on November 12 and could be a tactic in keeping their subscription number up. Well, it's working. Just Stranger Things season 3 alone managed to draw in 64 million viewers, that's twice the size of Canada's entire population! 

With the platform now in the middle of their "Netflix and Chills" campaign and the recent success of shows like Marianneand the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, those numbers are likely to keep growing. They also recently released their Christmas lineup that'll no doubt draw in all the Hallmark channel binge-watchers during the winter months. 

While we wait for the streaming platform war to unfold, take a look at Netflix Canada's current top 10 originals.

10. Sex Education

Viewer Count: 40 Million

Sex Education follows Otis Milburn, an awkward high school student who is raised by his mother who is a sex therapist. When people at school begin to realize what his mother's profession actually is, he realizes he can use his upbringing as a way to become popular.

9. You 

Viewer Count: 40 Million

In this chilling stalker series, You follows bookstore owner Joe and his obsession with a customer named Guinevere Beck. While things start out innocent we are shown how creepy Joe and his intentions actually are.

8. Tall Girl 

Viewer Count: 41 Million

Despite this movie getting a lot of bad reviews, it still managed to make the list with 41 million households watching. Tall Girl follows a highschooler names Jodi who, because of her height (6ft 1inch), is outcasted in her romantic life. She becomes obsessed with a foreign exchange student and is thrusted into a world of love triangles and insecurities.

7. Money Heist 

Viewer Count: 44 million

Money Heist, also known as, La Casa De Papel, is an international Netflix original from Spain. It's about a group of criminals who plan and succeed in performing the most perfect robbery ever, taking home 2.4 billion euros.

6. The Umbrella Academy 

Viewer Count: 45 million

The Umbrella Academy, based on the comic by Gerard Way, follows five adopted siblings with supernatural powers who reunite after years to uncover the mystery behind their father's death.

5. The Perfect Date 

Viewer Count: 48 million

The Perfect Date starring Noah Centineo follows a high school student who creates an app in order to make money and get himself into college. The app offers up his services as a fake date for other teenagers!

4. Triple Frontier 

Viewer Count: 52 million

Triple Frontier is about retired Special Forces operatives who join together again in order to carry out a heist that'll for the first time benefit them instead of their country.

3. Stranger Things

Viewer Count: 64 million

Stranger Things takes place in the small town of Hawkins, where secrets about government labs and unnatural activity begin coming to the surface after the disappearance of one of the local children.

2. Murder Mystery 

Viewer Count: 73 million

Murder Mystery is an Adam Sandler original as well. Starring both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, Murder Mystery is a comedic take on the classic movie Clue. When a husband and wife decide to embark on a trip to Europe things take a turn when they're invited on a billionaire's yacht and are framed for murder.

1. Bird Box 

Viewer Count: 80 million

Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock follows a woman and her family navigating life after the world is taken over by a force that's killing off the population. If you see it, you die. She must get her children and herself to safety without being able to use visual ques.

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