Netflix Canada’s Newest Movie Is Being Called The Most Twisted Thing Since "Black Mirror"

It's been called "the Black Mirror for cam girls."
Netflix Canada’s Newest Movie Is Being Called The Most Twisted Thing Since "Black Mirror"

Another day, another Netflix movie we're finding ourselves adding to our neverending "to stream" list. With the countless shows and movies Netflix is releasing that continue to receive rave reviews, it can be hard to keep up with which ones you should catch before enjoying other titles. But this one in particular, you definitely don't want to miss. 

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The new release is called Cam, which Netflix is claiming to be a 'technology-driven psychological thriller." It follows a young woman named Alice who works as a cam girl named Lola. While she is doing some pretty taboo work, she's a cam girl with "limits," as she'll only do so much - that is, until her identity gets stolen. 

After a freaky night of work where she harms herself for a viewer, a doppelganger appears online the following day and hijacks her cam channel. The creepiest part is the imposter looks and sounds exactly like Alice but has a nefarious agenda set on destroying Alice for good. 

From there, the mysterious woman purposely does all of the things Alice refused to do for viewers and as a result turns her life upside down. In an attempt to save herself and her reputation, Alice goes on a hunt to find the person or people responsible, and figure out how this could even be possible in the first place. 

Judging from the trailer and the fact that this title comes from the producer of 2017's hit Get Out, it's safe to say this movie is going to be a wild ride. Though, you don't have to take the trailer as the only reason to stream it considering viewers are already raving about it: 

cam is now streaming on netflix and my jaw is still on the floor from how fucking good it is

November 16, 2018

i just watched cam on netflix and holy fuckig....... shit this movie is so fucking GOOD if ur into black mirror watch it now

November 16, 2018

I’m watching this new Netflix movie called Cam (and before you ask yes it is about exactly what you think it is) and it’s so good and so weird and so good what’s happening what whATSHAPPENING.

November 17, 2018

Lucky for you, Cam is already available to stream on Netflix Canada so you won't have to wait any longer to check it out for yourself and find out what really happens to Alice and her online persona! 

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