After a night of partying, it seems like most people spent their first day of the new decade cuddled up in bed with shows and movies on repeat. As of January 1, the streaming platform added a variety of new content to satisfy our love for TV. That includes Netflix Canada's Spinning Out, an enticing new drama that was filmed in Toronto

You don't need figure skating experience to enjoy this original series that's been anticipated for a while now and has big Black Swan vibes. 

Kaya Scodelario stars as Kat Baker, an experienced single skater who takes a terrible fall and faces the decision of quitting the sport after being unable to compete anymore.

Her mother and sister, Carol and Serena, are played by January Jones and Willow Shields. Both Kat and Carol battle bipolar disorder. 

Kat discovers that she doesn't have to give up her dream if she takes up pair figure skating with Justin Davis (played by Evan Roderick). The series focuses on themes of racism, mental health, and family when she finds out a threatening secret she can't expose.

Though it was filmed in Toronto, the plot is set in Sun Valley, Idaho.

It's been out just one day, and already some Twitter users are expressing how much they enjoyed binge-watching the new show.  

It's stolen the heart of this user who wrote, "I just finished spinning out on Netflix and I’m crying my ass off I NEED SEASON 2 right NOW".

Another person tweeted, "happy 2nd day of 2020 here's another reminder to WATCH SPINNING OUT ON NETFLIX (yes i will keep doing this until i get yall to watch it)".

This user gave a "chef's kiss" seal of approval on the series.

Another person already wants a second season.

If you're still not convinced, consider the review from this individual who wrote, "This new show on Netflix called Spinning Out is about a bipolar figure skater and wow...I’ve never seen a more real, accurate and raw representation of the toxic mother-eldest daughter dynamic before. This show hitting my mommy issues DEEEPPP." 

The Netflix Canada Instagram account even posted a video tribute to Canada featuring the show's stars Kaya Scodelario, Even Roderick, and Mitchell Edwards. They attempted to open bagged milk with the help of tools that made it a completely hilarious mess.

Hopefully, you can look past how embarrassing their attempt was and still watch the show.

If you enjoyed the 2010 psychological horror film starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, you'll want to consider popping on Spinning Out as a new drama to get invested in.

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