Netflix Canada’s “Stranger Things” Confirmed For A Fourth Season With An Eerie Video

We have so many questions?
Netflix Canada’s “Stranger Things” Confirmed For A Fourth Season With An Eerie Video

With the way season 3 of Stranger Things ended, season 4 of the show was expected, but we hadn't gotten any confirmation until now. While it's dangerous to get our hopes up so soon as seasons are usually only released at least a year and a half apart, there's no way to stop ourselves from getting at least a little pumped at the idea of seeing our favorite Hawkins gang again. Netflix Canada just confirmed a season 4 of Stranger Things by releasing a teaser trailer that'll have you screaming. 

While the new trailer isn't exactly full of information, it did give us some tidbits that have us asking questions. The teaser starts with the classic title sequence except for this time there's a 4 behind the Stranger Things. As the video goes on, the area around the title starts to become what we recognize as somewhere in the upside-down. With fallen street signs and twisting vines covering every letter of the title, they did an amazing job at setting an eerie tone. The best part of the trailer, which has us asking the questions, is when the video fades to black and the words, "We're not in Hawkins anymore" is scrawled across our screen. 

If you haven't watched season 3 then spoiler alert! 

We know that season 3 ended with Joyce taking both Eleven and Will and moving out of Hawkins. Could that be where season 4 will take place? Will Dustin, Mike, Max, and Lucas be taking a trip over to visit them? What does that mean for Steve and Nancy? 

We don't have any information on the cast of season 4 so far, making this trailer all the more frustrating. 

Millie Bobby Brown is definitely excited about the ordeal, she posted the teaser on her Instagram as soon as the news broke. So as expected it looks like she'll be in the season 4 cast roster. Let's keep our fingers crossed Finn Wolfhard is signed on for all the "Mileven" shippers.

There's been no release date for the new season but based on past premieres, we shouldn't expect season 4 any sooner than the end of 2020. Luckily for us, Netflix Canada has a bunch of shows just like Stranger Things that we can binge-watch during the hiatus!