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Netflix Canada's The Circle Reality Show

When Black Mirror was first released on Netflix Canada, it had subscribers terrified at the thought of advancing technology. Then with the follow up of their interactive episode Bandersnatch, things become even more realistic for fans of the show. However, a new reality program is now bringing a similar version of the futuristic series into our everyday lives. Netflix Canada's The Circle reality show has people convinced it's really Black Mirror 2.0. 

The show hit the streaming service on January 1, and viewers have been speculating about its true intentions ever since. 

Netflix's official synopsis for the series reads, "Status and strategy collide in this social experiment and competition show where online players flirt, befriend and catfish their way toward $100 000."

Basically, the show is similar to both Big Brother and Catfish, except it's a little more tech-savvy. In true millennial fashion, instead of interacting face to face, contestants of the show send private and group messages through an Alexa or Google Home type system called "The Circle."

They also use the device to participate in games and challenges. However, contestants are feigning their identity and it's up to everyone else to discover who the right catfish is. 

While people are enjoying the originality of the reality show, the technological side of it is hitting a little to close to home for skeptics of Black Mirror

Some twitter users have been pointing out the similarities in specific episodes like this viewer who said, "The Circle on Netflix kind of reminds me of the social media episode in season 3 of Black Mirror. "

However others a little more paranoid about the show's intentions, "what if the circle is actually just a new black mirror season disguised as a competition series? "

One user also had the same thought, "still trying to figure out if this some black mirror shit or if people are really just this weird when they're alone."

Then there are viewers like the user below who thinks the Black Mirror vibes are actually pretty cool, "the circle on netflix is LIT" he gushed, "this is where black mirror becomes real."

Either way, this show has opened a whole new window into what reality TV could look like in the future, making the possibility of Black Mirror episodes a reality. 

There are currently eight episodes of The Circle available to stream on Netflix Canada

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