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Netflix Canada Just Dropped The Trailer For A Beyonce Documentary And You Need To See It ASAP

'Homecoming' will be available for streaming on Netflix Canada as of April 17th.
Netflix Canada Just Dropped The Trailer For A Beyonce Documentary And You Need To See It ASAP

If you were on Instagram last night, you may have noticed some people freaking out over what the Netflix account posted to their Instagram page. A simple yellow backdrop with the words "homecoming" written on it had fans losing their minds, but why? Well, Netflix Canada just dropped the trailer for a brand new Beyonce documentary and you need to see it ASAP.

The new documentary will cover everything from Queen B's incredible 2018 Coachella performance, to an insider's look at all the work put into her "Homecoming Scholars Award Program" - a program that awards four Historically Black Colleges and Universities a $25,000 scholarship for a student of their choice.

This is the first time that "Beychella" will be available to the public since it's initial live stream, so no more need to rely on those shaky, low-quality audience videos whenever you feel like reliving the iconic show - Netflix and Beyonce are keeping your best interests in mind.

This isn't the only project we can expect to see from Beyonce in the next little while. Rumour has it that she'll also be releasing a Greatest Hits album, along with two new songs around the same time that the Homecoming documentary releases. You can check out the trailer below:

The project will be available for streaming on Netflix Canada as of April 17th. If you haven't already seen Bey's Coachella performance from last year, you'll undoubtedly enjoy it from the comfort of your own bed now. She actually made history last year as the first woman of colour to headline the festival and continues to make history with her homecoming initiative.

If you're a true Bey fan then you know that this documentary is going to be amazing. It's already gathering tons of buzz online not only from the Beyhive but also from the general public. The new film will take a deep dive into the latest realm of Beyonce. 

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