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Netflix Has Finally Removed The Footage From A Canadian Tragedy Used In 'Bird Box'

Netflix Has Removed The Lac-Megantic Rail Disaster Footage From 'Bird Box'.

The film Bird Box may not be on the tip of everyone's tongue anymore, but that doesn't mean that movie is done stirring up controversy quite yet. As you may remember, it was discovered a few months ago that the film used actual footage from a Canadian tragedy in the film, causing some viewers to be outraged. Now, after months of receiving hate, Netflix has finally removed the footage from a Canadian tragedy used in Bird Box.

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The footage which was used in Bird Box came from the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster of 2013. The disaster occurred in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec on July 6th. A 74-car freight train, which was carrying Bakken Formation crude oil was left unattended and derailed downtown, resulting in a fire and the explosion of multiple tank cars.

Fourty-two people were confirmed dead as a result of the disaster, with another 5 confirmed missing and presumed dead. More than thirty of the buildings in downtown were also destroyed, and all but 3 buildings in the area had to be demolished due to contamination. The disaster is known as one of the deadliest rail accidents in recent Canadian history, so it's no wonder people were so upset about the footage being used in Bird Box.

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When the news first broke that the footage was being used, spokespeople from Netflix did not wish to be interviewed by the media, and they refused to remove the footage from the film. Two months later, the streaming service has finally realized the error they've made and have agreed to replace the footage. In an e-mail sent to The Canadian Press, Netflix has apologized for any pain they may have caused.

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