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Netflix Has Hinted At A 'Black Mirror' Movie And Fans Are Freaking Out

If you've seen (and loved) the popular Netflix series 'Black Mirror', we've got good news for you. A new season of the series is set to drop on December 28th - this was announced just weeks ago, as Netflix accidentally leaked the information to fans.

Along with this accidental leak, Netflix also let it be known that there's a possibility of a 'Black Mirror' film, although an official release date has yet to be shared. The film is to be titled 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch', and it's highly likely that it will be released along with the fifth season of the show, or shortly after.

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Earlier this week, a Reddit user noticed that 'Bandersnatch' had its own page, separate from that of the beloved TV series, which is where all the speculation began. As you can see, it's also labeled as 'A Netflix Film', which only further fueled rumours.

The synopsis for the movie is very brief, simply reading "Be right back", which fans may recognize as a title from a season two episode of 'Black Mirror'. 

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This is technically the first film in the 'Black Mirror' series, although previous episodes have had run times long enough for them to be considered TV movies, (San Junipero and U.S.S. Callisterand have won Emmy's for Outstanding Television Movie. That prize is now reserved for TV films that come in under 75 minutes, so here's to hoping 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' is a qualifier!

Source: The Wrap