Netflix's New Haunted Location Docu-Series Could Become "Ghost Adventures" Worst Enemy

Zak Baggins better watch out!
Netflix's New Haunted Location Docu-Series Could Become "Ghost Adventures" Worst Enemy

Humans have been interested in all things ghosts and the supernatural for hundreds of years, that's probably why we have so many ghost tours, ghost walks, and ghost TV series offered to us. It would only be appropriate that Netflix introduce their own as well and that's exactly what they're doing. Netflix's haunted location documentary series could be even spookier than Ghost Adventures.

Reported by Variety, the series will be a "gritty and meticulous study of America's most haunted locations."

While the series remained unnamed, just it's premise alone has us intrigued. 

We also have no information on where the series could be heading to first, but if we had to guess there will definitely be visits to some of America's more popular haunted locations like Alcatraz, the Lizzie Borden Mansion, and battlegrounds that litter the country. 

Bringing the real-life spookiness to our screens is none other than director Joe Berlinger who also worked onConversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, both well-known crime documentaries. 

There have been no statements released by the director or Netflix themselves yet, but we're pretty sure this documentary series will stand among the ranks of other highly rated ghost investigating series.

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