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Netflix Is Bringing This John Green Novel To Life And We Can’t Wait

The film will star Kiernan Shipka, Odeya Rush, and Shameik Moore.
Netflix Is Bringing This John Green Novel To Life And We Can’t Wait

When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I remember being utterly obsessed with John Green's novels. I saw a passage from Looking for Alaska somewhere on Tumblr, and after that, I became obsessed. The Fault In Our StarsAn Abundance of Katherines, you name it - I was reading it. There is another John Green novel that not a lot of people talk about though - Let It Snow. Lucky for you, even if you've never read it, you'll be able to see it in live-action on Netflix!

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The film will star none other than Kiernan Shipka, who you may recognize from Mad Men, or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Other noteworthy cast members include Odeya Rush of Lady Bird, and Shameik Moore who voice-acted in Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verses. With so many talented leading ladies and men, we're not expecting this film to be a flop.

If you haven't read Let It Snow yet, we'll give you a brief synopsis without TOO many spoilers. Essentially, it's your typical nostalgic story of a bunch of high school seniors, who are feeling all kinds of nervous and excited about the final steps of this part of their life, and seeing what else is out there for them.

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On Christmas Eve, a massive, once-in-a-century type of snow storm takes over a small town, and these high school seniors are left in a situation that will have them questioning their friendships, romances, as well as their future plans and goals. After this snowstorm, nothing will be the same.

Sound exciting to you? Us too! Although in-depth details have yet to be released, it's been said that production will begin in the first quarter of 2019, so we're sure Netflix will be handing out a trailer and release date ASAP!