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Netflix Is Dropping Their Most Expensive Movie Ever And It Looks Incredible

Sometimes, it feels as though you've watched all there is to watch on Netflix. Luckily for us, the entertainment company is always switching up their lineup and releasing new content for us to spend another weekend indoor, binge-watching a new series or a new movie for the second time. 

And you're going to want to mark your calendar cause on December 22nd, Netflix is releasing their most expensive movie yet. Bright, directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton is an estimated $90 million production and it seems as though they've gone all out for this movie...

Will Smith stars as an LA policeman in an alternate world where fairies, orcs and other mythical creatures wander the streets. He is partnered up with Joel Edgerton who plays the first ever orc to enter the police force. 

Both Smith and Edgerton get a police call late one night and embark on a journey packed with a whole lot of action, and a young female elf. Together they must put aside their differences and racial tensions and unite to save the world. 

Bright drops on Netflix December 22nd. 

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