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Netflix Is Being Accused Of Using Footage Of A Canadian Tragedy “As Entertainment” In Bird Box

Netflix's "Bird Box" is in hot water yet again, this time for using footage from a Canadian tragedy in part of the movie.
Netflix Is Being Accused Of Using Footage Of A Canadian Tragedy “As Entertainment” In Bird Box

Bird Box has been one of the most talked about Netflix titles as of late after the movie went viral around the holiday season. Though along with praise from fans came some controversial events in response to the movie such as the 'Bird Box challenge." The latest controversy doesn't have to do with challenges, like wrapping a cloth around your head. Rather, it has to do with the movie choices in scenes. 

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It all started when people began to notice that in one of the scenes in Bird Box, the footage of a tragedy depicted on a TV looked eerily familiar. It was shortly after that people found out the reason why the footage was recognizable, especially to Canadians, was because it was actual footage from the Lac-Megantic rail disaster. 

If you aren't aware of the disaster, it had to do with a train that was carrying several tanks of crude oil that derailed and caused a massive explosion. The tragedy resulted in 42 deaths and 5 missing victims who were presumed to be dead as well. It became the fourth deadliest rail related accident in Canada's history and continues to haunt the small town in Quebec where it occurred. 

This is why it was especially appalling for people who recognized the disaster that the footage of the tragedy that destroyed people's lives was being used as decoration in a Netflix movie. To make matters worse apparently, Bird Box isn't the only offender, as the current mayor of Lac-Megantic, Julie Morin, claims another Netflix science fiction TV show called Travelers is using the footage as well. 

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Via Netflix Canada

As of now, Mayor Morin is asking Netflix to look through their current roster of shows and movies to see if any other titles contain scenes of the tragedy. They also are "looking for assurance from Netflix that they are going to remove them" according to Morin. 

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Peacock Alley Entertainment, who produced Travelers, released a statement about the situation claiming they were unaware that the footage regarded a real tragedy as they had bought it under the impression it was just stock footage. As of now they "are already working to replace the footage in the show.” 

When it comes to Bird Box though, spokespeople for Netflix did not wish to be interviewed by the media. Though they have told CityNews via email that they are currently looking to confirm whether Bird Box is using the real-life footage that Lac Megantic's mayor is claiming to have seen.

Source: CityNews

Update as of January 17 at 10:38 AM: Netflix confirms that they will not remove footage of Lac-Megantic tragedy from Bird Box film.

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