Good news, "OITNB" fans - the wait is almost over. Netflix just unlocked a chilling new teaser and release date of the highly anticipated sixth season. Season six - taglined "Bye bye, Litchfield - it's a whole new world!" - will premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 27th. 

The teaser is 19 seconds long, and depicts the Litchfield cafeteria looking eerily deserted in the aftermath of the riot. The windows are open and a cloud of dark smoke blows through the room. "This is a whole new world," a muffled voice says. 

At the end, the teaser gives us three powerful words to hang onto - "TO THE MAX." 

In case you need a reminder, season five ended with a crazy cliffhanger. The entire season takes place during the Litchfield prison riot, which comes to a violent end in the final episode. 

Chaos erupted as officers in full battle gear stormed the prison. Piper, Suzanne, Red, Cindy, Taystee, Alex, Nicky and Frieda stand hand-in-hand as an explosion bursts through the abandoned pool area where they were hiding out.

Other inmates were already caught, including Lorna, Flaca and Moritza. Officers split them up and force them onto separate buses. What fate awaits them now that the riot is over, we'll soon find out. 

Based on the open windows in the teaser, it's safe to assume that some of the inmates managed to escape. We already know that inmates Pensatucky and Chang escaped through a fence, but we're dying to know who else got away.

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The show's official Instagram account also posted the teaser with the caption, "Bye bye, Litch." Clearly Litchfield is history, so what does that mean for all our favourite characters? We can barely stand the wait!