It seem like it's becoming a pattern now. A female actress being paid less than her male costar despite the fact that she was the lead figure in the show or movie. 

This time it's Netflix who's under fire for the way that it pays the the cast of its hit series about the British royal family, The Crown. 

It has come to light that Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth, was paid less than her male costar Matt Smith, who played the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip.   

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Smith's exact salary isn't known but it is acknowledged to be be much more than Foy's. The decision to pay Smith more reportedly was because of his fame from his time on Doctor Who. 

Foy was paid $40,000 per episode, and she won't even get a chance to make as much money as Smith in the next series because as the characters in The Crown get older the show brings in a new cast to play them.  Foy has already been replaced by Olivia Colman.   

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Issues of pay inequality between the genders has become an issue around the world and especially in Hollywood during the #MeToo movement.     

Source: TheEdge