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New Add-On Lets You Watch Netflix Canada With Friends While Social Distancing (VIDEO)

Create the movie theatre experience at home!

The party doesn't have to stop! The new add-on Netflix Party lets you and your friends watch shows and movies together while keeping your safe distance. You can download it to Google Chrome with one click.

Over the past few days, tons of Canadians have been doing their part of social distancing to help against the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this comes closed restaurants, stores, and even movie theatres, so there isn't much to do with your friends right now. 

Thanks to Netflix Party, you can simulate the movie theatre experience all from the safe haven of your home. 

According to the official website, the app offers a text messaging chat so you can talk to your friends while a show or movie is playing. That’s a luxury we don’t even have in theatres!

The extension already has over 900,000 users. The pretty simple steps start with downloading the extension onto your Google Chrome browser. You then log into your Netflix account through the Netflix Party page. After that, you can pick your content of choice.

When the extension is installed, you'll see a small "NP" icon next to your address bar. When you click that, it offers you the option to start a party and invite your friends. That creates a URL that you can either share with your friends, or your friends can send one to you so you can join their party.

[rebelmouse-image 25973978 photo_credit="Netflix Party | Chrome Web Store" expand=1 original_size="536x307"]

The Netflix Party website writes that the app "synchronizes video playback." So if someone pauses to take a bathroom break, you'll all get a chance to stretch your legs and there won't be any lagging when they return.

However, like most things, Netflix Party has its small setbacks. According to Decider, "If you start watching a certain episode or show, you’re in control of that session. But if you want to switch over to a different episode, show, or movie, you will have to start a brand new session with your friends."

[rebelmouse-image 25973979 photo_credit="Netflix Party " expand=1 original_size="631x426"]

Basically your lives will be made much easier if you can all agree on something to watch.

Hopefully, these flicks that scored 100% ratings, newly released originals, or tons of new shows coming this week can help you and your friends find something to enjoy together. 

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