All hope is not lost! Despite the hundreds of new series and movies that get added to the streaming platform each month, a lot of people might still be running into trouble when it comes to finding a specific show or movie to watch. That’s why Netflix has a special page that allows subscribers to request what they want to see on their platform.

Before you decide to commit to another monthly subscription in order to find the perfect movie, you can check out their request feature.

If you head over to the Help Center that can be accessed through the drop menu on Netflix’s homepage, you’ll see the option “request TV shows or movies.”

This is where you’ll be able to request up to three titles at a time. Netflix guarantees they “keep track of all requests” from all their subscribers.

They also urge you to “sit back and relax” while they decide whether to add your title, saying they’ll “keep you posted.”

Netflix doesn’t offer a time frame of when your title might become available. However, the streaming service adds lists of new content to its platform every month that include everything from originals to nostalgic classics.

If you’ve put in a request, and are waiting for your perfect series or film, you can check out some new releases that will be hitting the platform this April.

Maybe you’ll find something perfect for your upcoming movie night!