Netflix's Bandersnatch Has A Secret Ending That Gives You Access To A Hidden Website

Netflix’s Bandersnatch has a secret ending and here’s how you can find it.
Netflix's Bandersnatch Has A Secret Ending That Gives You Access To A Hidden Website

Whether you have Netflix or not, between the release of Bird Box and Black Mirror's latest interactive movie, the streaming platform has probably been the only thing you've heard about for the past week. While the Bird Box craze is slowly dying down, it seems that the longer Black Mirror's Bandersnatch movie is out, the more people are talking about it

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This has to do with the fact that the interactive movie has multiple endings that have left fans re-watching it over and over again to see how different the endings can be. If you haven't caught up with the hype just yet, the movie follows a boy named Stefan Butler who is attempting to build a video game called Bandersnatch but goes insane in the process. 

While the skeleton of the game has been figured out by viewers who have re-watched the movie countless times to find the critical decision points that alter the movie's ending, Black Mirror, of course, had one more ending up their sleeve. 

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December 30, 2018

The secret ending is easily the wildest one out of the bunch and even goes beyond the movie itself. It was uncovered by fans just yesterday when a viewer stumbled upon the ending that gave them access to a secret website that's meant to be Tuckersoft's website. If you haven't watched it yet or the complexity of the movies endings have left you a little scatterbrained, Tuckersoft is the name of the company that Stefan was working for. 

After gaining access to the site, viewers can interact with the interface that is meant to be an extension of the episode and show what Tuckersoft's website would have been like. Of course, the website includes details on games that the company had put out that include Bandersnatch. Though what made the ending even more interesting was that it went past the Bandersnatch movie!

Via Tuckersoft

Not only did fans gain access to the Tuckersoft website, but they also were able to interact with technology that has been featured in old Black Mirror episodes. Such as the rating system from Nosedive and the dating service from Hang The DJ

Via Coach Dating

Via Rate Me Social

If you are just about ready to pull your hair out after learning there is yet another ending that is going to leave you listening to "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood yet again, don't worry we've got you covered! To access the Tuckersoft website you can click here for access. To check out the rating system you can also click here to find the ratings of your friends and of course yourself, and finally, access to the dating service can be found by clicking here

Clearly, Black Mirror knocked this release out of the park and didn't cheap out when it came to making the experience for viewers as crazy and exciting as possible. Thankfully, the amount of detail given to this movie isn't taking away from a full fifth season which is slated to be arriving on Netflix this year. While this movie will be hard to top, if there is any series that can do it, it's Black Mirror! 

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