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Netflix's Latest Horror Movie Has Users Divided With Some People Obsessed And Others Claiming It's An Absolute Dumpster Fire

Netflix's latest horror movie "Velvet Buzzsaw" is getting some pretty heated reviews that are dividing viewers already.

Between releases such as the Haunting of Hill House and Bird Box, Netflix has earned a reputation for being able to release some pretty good original horror and thriller titles. Meaning that when the streaming service announced a new horror that would star none other than Jake Gyllenhaal, the hype was real and expectations were set high. 

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The movie in question is called Velvet Buzzsaw and it follows the contemporary art world and collectors who encounter paintings that were created by an unknown artist. Throughout the movie, the paintings end up coming to life in order to claim revenge on the people in the industry who have let greed take over the art.

The concept sounds interesting and plays on an issue that is prevalent in today's art world, but the reviews are extremely mixed already after people rushed to watch the movie once it was released yesterday. 

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While most are saying that Gyllenhaal puts on a stellar performance, that seems to be the only thing that people can agree on with viewers either adoring the movie or thinking it's absolutely terrible: 

I love my fair share of bad movies but I’m not even enjoying velvet buzzsaw so far pic.twitter.com/kwHl8ujC4r

February 1, 2019

velvet buzzsaw is a messy art slasher and i love it

February 1, 2019

can’t believe that i stayed up until 2 am to watch velvet buzzsaw just for it to be a bad movie pic.twitter.com/Jg0ZqoJkpc

February 2, 2019

Just watched Velvet Buzzsaw_ on Netflix it was so good! I literally had a similar idea for a book, I should have written it!! I love art and horror movies so if you enjoy either then check this out :) #velvetbuzzsaw

February 1, 2019

Clearly, people are passionate about their love or disdain for the movie so far but the divide has only further conflicted streamers who were considering watching the movie:

Is velvet buzzsaw really that bad? I haven't seen it yet but everyone is trashing it I'm sad 😔 pic.twitter.com/48ZrmLLNfZ

February 2, 2019

While the reviews may be mixed, the only way you'll know if you love or hate the movie is if you check it out for yourself. If you want to get a better idea of what you are getting yourself into before committing, you can check out the trailer here:

Velvet Buzzsaw is currently available on Netflix Canada so you won't have to worry about waiting to watch for yourself, just make sure you're watching it in a room with no paintings on the walls!