Netflix's trip to hell just got extended and they're taking us along with them. Netflix's Lucifer has had anything but a smooth ride. With constant ups and downs, it's a miracle this show lasted the five years that it has. Despite the challenges it faced to get a season 5, it seems like our favourite devil is ending on a high note. Netflix's Lucifer season 5 got six more episodes! 

The news broke when the Netflix owned account, @seewhatsnext, tweeted about it. They captioned the TV show's iconic poster with, "#Lucifer Season 5 just got a HELL of a lot better — and bigger! We've added six more hours, for a grand total of 16 episodes!" 

Netflix was originally the one to save the comedic drama after it was canceled at Fox during the hiatus between season 3 and 4. After a fan petition was signed by thousands of fans, Netflix agreed to act as a platform for the Lucifer writers.

After season 4 aired on their streaming platform, it was announced that Lucifer would once again be ending after it's next season (season 5), this time by Netflix themselves. Fans were devasted.

Now instead of a final season of 10 episodes, Netflix has extended season 5 by 6 episodes! That's six hours of extra content! Although it's nothing compared to the first seasons 22 episode run, it's still a lot more than Lucifer fans ever expected! 

Hopefully, with these extra 6 episodes, the Lucifer cast and crew will be able to do justice and give the show the iconic ending it deserves!