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Netflix's New TV Series 'Maniac' Is Like A Mix Between 'Inception' And 'Get Out'

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone star in Netflix's new series Maniac.
Netflix's New TV Series 'Maniac' Is Like A Mix Between 'Inception' And 'Get Out'

Every once in a while, there are movies that come out that leave a lasting impression on their audience. 

Back in 2010, audiences were stunned after watching the sci-fi thriller, Inception. The plotline of the movie was so new and intriguing that it was all that anyone could talk about. Even eight years later, it's still one of the most talked about movies of all time. 

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Last year, Jordan Peele's directorial debut film, Get Out, left viewers with a similar feeling. The terrifying psychological thriller was all that anyone could talk about for months following its premiere. 

Last month, Netflix has released the trailer for their newest limited TV series, Maniac and it looks like a mix between Inception and Get Out.  Today, it's been released on Netflix Canada and you need to watch it right now!

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Maniac stars Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Justin Theroux. The bizarre sci-fi series follows Emma Stone's character Annie Landsberg and Jonah Hill's character Owen Milgrim, who are undergoing a mysterious pharmaceutical trial together. 

The creepy thrilling series looks inside the psyche of the patients as they undergo medical trials. Justin Theroux's character is the doctor administering the drugs, and he claims that the experiments will help rid them of their "pain".

Via Netflix | Youtube

Via Netflix | Youtube

As the main characters undergo the trials, they enter into a "dreamlike" state and it seems like they enter into multiple universes, a concept that's similar to the storyline of Inception. Throughout the "dreams", Stone and Hill's characters are drawn back to each other over and over again.

At 1:25 in the trailer, Jonah Hill talks about how his mind is playing tricks on him. Emma Stone's character then describes the experience as a "multi-reality brain magic sh*t". Hill's character states that he no longer knows what's real and what's not.

Via Netflix | Youtube

All of these themes are very reminiscent of the psychological torture in Get Out. Not to mention, Maniac looks so trippy, just like Get Out

Maniac was released on Netflix Canada on September 21st, 2018. 

You can watch the full trailer for Maniac, here