Looks like Netflix loves filming in Canada and their newest horror movie is no exception. They recently announced that "In The Tall Grass", a scary new flick they're working on, just started filming in Toronto.

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Not only is our country the top filming destination for Hollywood movies these days, it seems like the streaming company in particular really likes filming here. Hit shows like "Between" and "Riverdaleare filmed in Canada, as well as the upcoming show "Umbrella Academy."

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Their new horror movie is actually based on a novella written by Stephen King and his son. The plotline focuses on a brother and sister driving on a road trip when they hear a boy cry for help in a field of (you guessed it) tall grass.

Before long, they realize that there is no escaping the field and that something lies in the grass that's putting them in danger.

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Before moving to shoot in Toronto, the film was previously being shot in another part of Southern Ontario. In fact, it was just a few minutes away from the birthplace of Canadian superstar Justin Bieber, in Stratford Ontario.

Locals ruined the surprise when they began posting photos of a creepy looking church being erected for filming in a nearby field. Now it's become quite an attraction to drive out of town to go take a look.

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Lucky for us, Netflix also announced those who will be starring in the movie and there is a horror movie veteran signed on to the cast. Patrick Wilson, who has starred in the "Annabelle", "Insideous", and "The Conjuring" franchises.

Wilson will be joined by Canadian actresses, Laysla De Oliveira, known for her role as Zoe Ward in "iZombie", and Rachel Wilson, an Ottawa native who is known for her role on "Republic of Doyle."

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While the movie has only started filming it sounds like it's going to be a thriller you don't want to miss. Considering the success of Stephen King's other novel turned movie "IT", this is going to be epic.

Source: Netflix