Netflix’s Most Popular Original Has An Audience Bigger Than Canada’s Population

64 million views!
Netflix's Stranger Things

Netflix just released what their most-streamed show is and the numbers are making Canada look very, very small. Netflix's Stranger Things has 64 million views according to a new report. The sci-fi show is really living up to its "best Netflix Original ever" title. That's almost double Canada's population of 37 million! 

Netflix defines one household view as, "A household member watching 70 percent of one episode of a series, or 70 percent of a feature film." 

The information came as a part of a letter in Netflix's quarterly report. It stated that the third season of Stranger Things received the 64 million views in just the first month of the season released back in July. 

The report also relayed some of Netflix's other top-rated originals including their newest limited series Unbelievable that racked up an impressive 32 million viewers in its first 28 days. 

Another show included in the impressive report was the international Netflix Original Money Heist that had 44 million households watching in its first 28 days.

They also revealed numbers that involved some of their newest original movies like Tall Girl and Secret Obsession both gaining 40 million views in the first month after their release. 

This report comes as the threat of Disney+ and Apple TV+ platform loom closer. Netflix has already seen a decrease in member subscriptions over the past couple of months. 

With Disney+ offering an entire list of new original shows, along with Disney classics, Netflix may have to step up their game. 

Despite their lack of membership sign-ups, Netflix feels like their platform is still going strong saying that, "As we've improved the variety, diversity and quality of our content slate, member engagement has grown, revenue has increased, and we're able to further fund our content investment."

Efforts to keep viewership number up has been a constant with Netflix. They recently announced that Seinfeld will soon be streaming on the platform after they purchased it for blank. They've also been seeking opinions from viewers on social media after there were several uproars from fans of series that were cancelled for no reason like The OA

With the release of this report though, it seems like Netflix is still producing high numbers, at least when it comes to their viewership. The popularity of Netflix Originals may be the only advantage the company will have going into this streaming war and they're aware of it:

"We have been moving increasingly to original content both because of the anticipated pullback of second run content from some studios and because our original content is working in the form of member viewing and engagement."

The only way to know how Netflix and its originals will fare against Disney+ is to wait for its release on November 12.

If you're into Netflix Originals, Netflix just released its list of holiday movies coming to the platform starting November 1! Check the list out here

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