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Netflix's Upcoming Movie 'Wine Country' Is Like The New Version Of 'Bridesmaids'

Hold onto your hats. A new film is coming to Netflix and it's like Bridesmaids but better! A crazy star-studded line up of female comedians will star in Netflix's new film, Wine Country. And yes, there will be laughter, crying and lots of wine.

Let's be honest, we haven't seen a hilarious femme-cast film since Bridesmaids dropped in theatres eight years ago.

Not only does this movie look seriously hilarious, it looks heartwarming too. We have to be honest, we're so excited to see these hilarious SNL ladies return to the big screen together.Β 

The cast of Wine Country will include our favourite funny ladies, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolf and Tina Fey. These girls are pretty much your dream cast if you loved SNL back in the day. Not to mention, Rachel Dratch, Jason Schwartzman, Emily Spivey, Paula Pell and Ana Gasteyer are all starring in the upcoming film as well.

Not only will Amy Poehler be starring in the movie, but she also directed the entire film as well!

In the movie, Amy Poehler's character, Abby, throws an epic party for her 50th birthday party to wine country. She invites all of her best and oldest friends to share the adventure with her.

Of course, it's not a good movie without some obstacles. Tensions from their past arise and cause rifts between the old friends. There's tons of laughs and heartache in this blockbuster hit.Β 

As described on Instagram, Wine Country is a movie about "friendship, getting older and, as suggested a lot of wine." If that's not enough hook you in, we don't know what is! It doesn't get better than this!

Netflix's Wine Country will be available on Netflix and in select theatres on May 10, 2019.

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