Usually when you say someone's "jumping the gun" it's not exactly a good thing. The production companies in charge of this hit Netflix series, however, are throwing all caution to the wind when it comes to acting prematurely. Netflix's You season 2 hasn't even aired yet but production is already preparing for a season 3. 

The trailer for season 2 of the much-anticipated stalker series was released earlier today just ten days before it's set streaming date of December 26. 

While season 3 has yet to be officially announced by both Netflix and the production companies, they aren't exactly making their confidence for another season a secret. 

Every production in California must apply for a tax credit from the state. The latest tax credit recipients were just announced and the third season of You was awarded $7.213 million dollars. 

Although receiving a tax credit doesn't necessarily guarantee season 3, it is very likely. 

Receiving the tax credit makes the season financially possible, as well as solidifies that the show's creators believe in a new installment. 

Not to mention it means they have more stories to tell! 

With the audience season 1 of the series drew in, season 2 is expected to top Netflix's streaming charts. That would make season 3 the obvious retaliation to the hype. 

Season 2 of You will see Joe onto his next adventure in Los Angeles. He once again becomes the predator to a girl named Love but this time is dealing with the return of his ex-girlfriend, Candace, who managed to escape his wrath years before. 

You can watch the newly released season 2 trailer below. 

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