'Never Have I Ever' Actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Is Receiving Major Praise For Her Role

She's making Canada so proud!
Never Have I Ever

Canada has a new star on the rise! Netflix recently released the highly anticipated teen comedy series Never Have I Ever, which stars Mississauga-born actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in her first-ever role. The 18-year-old is already receiving major praise for her work!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to watch it, Never Have I Ever is the latest project from The Office star, Mindy Kaling. The series tells the story of a first-generation Indian-American teenage girl named Devi Vishwakumar who recently lost her father.

As she embarks on her sophomore year of high school, Dev wants to ensure that she and her two best friends have the most unforgettable time. She has her sights set on becoming popular, losing her virginity, and getting into the prestigious Princeton University.

The series is loosely based on Kaling’s own adolescence, and she wanted to ensure she found the perfect actress to take on the role of Dev. When she put out a casting call, over 15,000 women from around the world applied, but Canada’s own Ramakrishnan was the one who caught The Mindy Project star’s eye.

“To go from being the lead in your school play to shooting 12 hours a day, five days a week on a Hollywood set, with rehearsals on the weekend, was a big transition for her, but Maitreyi’s work ethic was incredible,” Kaling told the LA Times.

“We had several days of night shoots for the pilot, and Maitreyi is in every scene. Her cheerful and psyched attitude through that was truly amazing.”

A Mashable review of Never Have I Ever called Ramakrishnan’s performance “nothing short of a gift.”

“Devi is far from the perfect daughter that Nalini craves (and Kamala seemingly is). She’s angry, selfish, hotheaded, and rude...She disparages her own culture, yells at her mom, unleashes some practically poetic insults upon Ben, but in the hands of this actress and these writers, we never leave her corner.”

The original series has also fared incredibly well on popular rating site Rotten Tomatoes. It’s currently sitting at an audience score of 82%, and a very impressive critic score of 100%.

All 10 episodes of Never Have I Ever are currently available for streaming on Netflix. You can get a glimpse of Ramakrishnan’s debut performance in the trailer below.

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