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Canadians Can Now Get Reimbursed Thousands Of Dollars From Airlines Thanks To New Regulations

This could make airlines more accountable for their actions.
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Canadians Can Now Get Reimbursed Thousands Of Dollars From Airlines Thanks To New Regulations

New rules regarding reimbursing airline passengers come into effect today and this is good news for Canadians. The new Canadian air passenger protection regulations have officially become effective, meaning Canadians can now get thousands reimbursed for flight delays and luggage damages from airlines. Here’s how it all works. 

Beginning July 15, 2019, passengers of airlines will now be required to be updated on their rights, should a flight delay or cancellation take place. According to CTV News, travellers can receive up to $2,400 if bumped from a flight, and as much as $2,100 for lost or damaged luggage. 

CTV News also stated that while the new air passenger protection regulations take into effect immediately, people will have to wait until the end of the year to claim their compensation. 

These regulations will also include new rules in terms of delays. Should a tarmac delay take place, the plane must now return to the gate after three hours and 45 minutes has gone by. 

These rules are all part of the first phase of the passenger bill of rights. More requirements are set to be implemented in December of this year. This will include compensation of up to $1,000 for flight delays and cancellations that are deemed to be within the airline's control and not related to safety. 

Along with this, airlines will be required to rebook or refund passengers when flights are delayed. CTV News has reported that the December phase will implement this, even if this means giving a passenger a ticket for another airline, providing food and drink accommodation during the delays, and ensuring children under 14 are able to sit near their parents for an extra charge. 

According to CTV News, an issue like bad weather, emergency maintenance, medical emergencies, or operational problems are not considered within the airline's control, and they will not have to pay compensation to passengers for these reasons. 

Airlines like Air Canada and Porter Airlines Inc were among those asking the Federal Court of Appeal to strike down the new rules. They argued that the required payments violated international standards and could cause confusion for passengers. 

Earlier this month, several Canadian airlines were called out as having some of the worst flight delays in the world. Coming in at number one out of all the Canadian airlines was WestJet. At 57th place, it has settled with 77.1% of flights arriving on time. In a separate survey, Air Canada was named as one of the worst airlines in the world when it came to delays. 

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