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No plans? No problem! These new arrivals on Netflix and Amazon Prime will give you plenty of content to binge-watch this weekend. Just make sure you're stocked on popcorn and snacks because the fresh shows and movies will give you every reason to stay indoors.

The highly anticipated content here is still rolling out as we wrap up the month of May. Luckily, June not only brings a new and warm season, but a whole bunch of fresh arrivals to look forward to on Netflix too.

These 8 films and series include hilarious stand-up comedy, psychological thrillers, a food documentary to get you hungry, and a brand new comedy series from the creators of The Office. 


Hannah Gadsby: Douglas 

Rating: 86% on Google

This stand-up special from the Australian comedian sees her hilariously recount on experiences with her identity, deliver some killer one-liners, and even share a story about a weird dog park encounter.

I'm No Longer Here

Rating: 93% on Google

The 2019 drama follows a young man living in Mexico who accidentally gets caught up with the drug cartel and must flee his home and family in order to find safety.

Animal Kingdom (Season 4)

Rating: 93% on Google

Season four of this crime series just touched down and continues following the life of Joshua Cody, a young man who moves in with his criminal grandmother after the death of his mother and gets tossed into her world of illegal activities.

Space Force

Rating: 88% on Google

The Office creators are back together again! Greg Daniels and Steve Carell teamed up for this comedy series that features a whole bunch of famous faces. Carell stars as Mark R. Naird, the Chief of Space Operations who gets tasked with creating and leading the sixth branch in the armed services called The Space Force.

Somebody Feed Phil (Season 3)

Rating: 96% on Google

TV writer and producer Philip Rosenthal is back for a third season of this food documentary series that sees him travel the world in search of tasty treats. This season even has him venture to the best restaurants in Montreal.

Amazon Prime

Homecoming (Season 2) 

Rating: 85% on Google

The second season of this psychological thriller is here! Season one starred Julia Roberts but this time around, Janelle Monáe joins to continue the anthology series about the Geist Group and their Homecoming Initiative.

21 Bridges

Rating: 85% on Google

Chadwick Boseman stars in this 2019 action thriller about an NYPD detective who takes on the case of searching for a pair of murderous cops and soon realizes he also has someone in pursuit of finding him.

The Vast of Night

Rating: 75% on Google

Set in the 50s, this 2019 sci-fi thriller follows two kids in New Mexico who work for a radio station and suddenly discover a high pitched frequency, then set out to find the mysterious source behind it.

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