Any Bachelor Nation member knows by now that there wasn't much paradise involved for Corinne Olympios in the summer bachelor spin-off. Olympios made headlines with cast mate, DeMario Jackson, for possible sexual assault/misconduct on set, with ABC to blame. 

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After allegations arose, Warner Brothers took it upon themselves to stop production and investigate the situation, as to whether or not there was sexual misconduct at hand. During such time, Bachelor in Paradise ceased filming, causing many a Bachelor fan to panic at the future of the show. 

During the show's brief break, Olympios talked about possibly suing the franchise but eventually called off her legal team and even left Bachelor in Paradise for good when Warner Brothers concluded there was no sexual misconduct at hand. Fans rejoiced when the show resumed production, however, no one expected ABC would market the scandal in such a glamorous way. 

ABC has released their first trailer for this season of BIP, which focuses solely on the Corinne/DeMario scandal. Instead of showing clips of couples giggling, kissing, screaming and crying - in true Bachelor fashion - the trailer focuses only on fan tweets surrounding the stop and start of BIP filming. “The sun had almost set. Summer was almost ruined. Paradise was almost lost. Until it wasn’t.” Chimes Chris Harrison, in a truly bizarre voiceover. 

The clip fails to feature either Corinne or DeMario, but instead focuses on familiar faces like Amanda Stanton and Kristina Schulman. Fans are not particularly happy with the trailer, calling it distasteful and strange. Take a look for yourself here - and make sure to tune in to BIP on August 14th to see all of the drama unfold. 

Source: People