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New Balance Canada Drops Special Edition Raptors Sneakers Inspired By Kawhi (PHOTOS)

New Balance is delivering even more limited-edition gear inspired by the Raptors and their MVP, Kawhi Leonard. The athletic apparel brand has been using its partnership with Kawhi for all it's worth, launching clothing lines, shoes and even billboards in the player's honour. The New Balance Raptors sneakers hit preorder on Wednesday, June 19th at 11:00 AM ET.

The shoes were announced by New Balance on social media Tuesday night. The brand posted a photo of the shoes along with the caption, "Special Edition 997 x 990v5. For the champs." Needless to say, sneakerheads went crazy.

If New Balance's previous Kawhi-inspired shoe drop taught us anything, it's how quickly these bad boys sell out. The "Kawhi 2-Way Pack" New Balance sneakers, designed by the player himself, were gone in minutes. And that was in May, weeks before Kawhi led the Raptors to their championship win. The shoes were so coveted that sneakerheads started reselling them for up to $1,700 on StockX. Of course, people snapped them up.

The special edition Raptors shoes come in two different styles, both featuring the team's signature and classic colourway - red, black and purple, with hints of silver details. Check them out:

The shoes are available for preorder in both the US and Canada. 

To get yours, check out New Balance's basketball wear lineup on their website.