New Brunswick Is The Place To Go If You Want A Mansion On A Budget (PHOTOS)

You won't believe what you can buy for $250K and under!
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New Brunswick Is The Place To Go If You Want A Mansion On A Budget (PHOTOS)

If you’ve ever wondered if you could get more for your money in a different region or province, you might be just right. While $250,000 wouldn’t get you very far in Toronto or Vancouver, that kind of cash could go a long way somewhere else. If you’re looking for a mansion on a budget, New Brunswick houses for sale are mega-cheap, and you can get so much for your money.

If you’ve ever considered relocating to New Brunswick, this might just convince you to do it.

While there’s definitely cheap properties to be found everywhere in Canada, some regions just seem to offer a little more bang for your buck.

In big cities like Toronto and Ottawa, $250,000 and under probably won’t get you very far. However, if you’re willing to move for the house of your dreams, east is definitely the direction to head.

From ten bedroom mega-mansions, to huge homes with swimming pools, $250,000 goes pretty far in the Picture Province. Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime bargain, or simply a spacious first house, you’ll be surprised just how affordable some properties are.

Even better, if you're prepared to put in a little hard work and do a little renovating, you can even nab a mini-mansion for under $150,000.

Now, that's impressive!

190 Wellington Street

Price: $249,000

Address: 190 Wellington St., Miramichi, NB

Description: This huge home is extra-elegant, and is the perfect place for anybody who is a little bit bougie. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom property comes with a large foyer, a massive living room, a formal parlor and even a "powderroom." There's custom stained glass windows to light up the staircase, too. For less than $250,000, this is pretty spectacular.

[image 5ec568afa5a4cd195d2df830]

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4867 Boulevard des Fondateurs

Price: $150,000

Address: 4867 Boulevard des Fondateurs, Saint-Isidore, NB

Description: If you want plenty of bang for your buck, look no further. This gigantic property has a whopping ten bedrooms and four bathrooms in total, spread across the lot. For just $150,000, you could purchase this property with all of your besties, and turn it into the BFF mansion of your dreams.

[image 5ec57460a5a4cd195d2df94d]

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1239 Rue Degrâce

Price: $249,900

Address: 1239 Rue Degrâce, Maisonnette, NB

Description: Location, location, location. This gorgeous beachside home is situated right beside the ocean, so the views are simply extraordinary. As well as three bedrooms and two bathrooms, there's also a family room, a dining room and a laundry area.

[image 5ec56aa15981621965d30ec2]

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534 Cameron Street

Price: $249,900

Address: 534 Cameron St., Dalhousie, NB

Description: This five-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion is as sophisticated and classy as they come. Just to top it off, there's a huge yard with a private gazebo, pond, pergola and hot tub. You'd never want to leave!

[image 5ec56bb0a5d956195f6be5f8]

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450 Route 16

Price: $249,500

Address: 450 Route 16, NB

Description: This spacious house is charming on both the inside and the outside. With a little bit of TLC and a whole lot of vision, this could be a dream-home in no time.

[image 5ec56d2ca5a4cd195d2df898]

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310 Bonney Road

Price: $249,900

Address: 310 Bonney Rd, Nauwigewauk, NB

Description: If you're ready to move in ASAP, this is the house for you. This large four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is as modern as they come, and all of the rooms here are incredibly spacious. There's also a fully finished basement, a huge family room, a storage room and a "furnace room."

[image 5ec56eeea5a4cd195d2df8d0]

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3120 Route 180 

Price: $249,000

Address: 3120 NB-180, South Tetagouche, NB

Description: Talk about value for money! This five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion is located on a 10-acre riverfront, but is just minutes from Bathurst City. Every room inside this house is totally huge, and it's ready to go whenever you are.

[image 5ec57032a5a4cd195d2df8ed]

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23 Chemin du Lac

Price: $144,500

Address: 23 Chemin du Lac, Baker Brook, NB

Description: A waterfront property for less than $150,000 That's impressive! This five-bedroom, two-bathroom home has a panoramic view of the nearby lake, and is already decorated to the highest standard.

[image 5ec575820d5190195654f3e6]

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10252 Route 144

Price: $149,900

Address: 10252 Route 144, Saint André, NB

Description: Invite your friends and family over, anytime! This 10-bedroom property is separated into two buildings, but can be easily connected into one mega-mansion. With five-bathrooms and over 500 square feet in living space, it doesn't get much bigger than this.

[image 5ec577310d5190195654f407]

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6659 Route 120

Price: $235,000

Address: 6659 Route 120, Lac Baker, NB

Description: This home is built on a rock, and has it's own private beach. The huge house has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and its very own private pier. What's most awe-inspiring is the large living room, which has 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding water. Dreamy!

[image 5ec57c10a5a4cd195d2dfa3b]

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1075 Sycamore Avenue

Price: $229,900

Address: 1075 Sycamore Ave, Bathurst, NB

Description: Dip in the pool, anyone? This sizeable property comes with a huge heated pool in the back yard, which is incredible considering it costs less than $230,000. In addition to all of the bedrooms and bathrooms, there's also a private gym space downstairs.

[image 5ec57c2ea5d956195f6be7bf]

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31 Queens Road

Price: $224,900

Address: 31 Queens Rd, Sackville, NB

Description: This property is seriously huge, and every single room is massive. There's six bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as two kitchen spaces. Outside, the garden is home to "fruit trees, mature gardens, and a gorgeous private fenced backyard with patio." Sounds lovely, right?

[image 5ec57c57a5a4cd195d2dfa46]

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