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New Disneyland Virtual Rides Includes Rise Of The Resistance (VIDEO)

There's a perfect way to celebrate your love for Star Wars Day. The latest of Disneyland's virtual rides blasts you to outer space to fight Kylo Ren. Are you up for the challenge?

* Jedi mind trick * This is the magic moment you're looking for.

Disney Parks just released a stunning new virtual ride for May 4th and chances are, it's everything you'd want and more.

You'll start your journey with other recruits at a hidden rebel base where Nien Nunb and General Ackbar will greet you.

Unfortunately, the rebel hangout doesn't last for long. You're quickly captured and placed aboard a deadly star destroyer. 

As one of the most high-tech experiences in the Disney park, this virtual ride will make you feel like you're in the middle of the action.

At 165,000 square feet, it's one of the park's largest attractions too.

All along the way, you'll learn some fun and interesting Star Wars trivia about the attraction and magic that brought it all to life.

But that doesn't mean your new job isn't serious.

Escaping the star destroyer's hangar is going to take some hard work and a whole lot of luck. But thankfully, resistance spies have a plan to get you out.

Make sure to keep your arms and legs inside the escape pod at all times. You're gonna go fast.

After all, you've got one of the best droid co-pilots in the business. Just watch out for those pesky AT-ATs.

Your pod will lead you right into a blaster fight, so make sure to keep your head down and try to keep your calm too - your battle with Kylo Ren is coming.

After you're done fighting the bad guys, you can also have a little Snapchat fun. There's another May 4 suprise in store. 

You can also create your own Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge hologram message on Snapchat! All you need to do is scan this Snapcode using the app to get started.

Leave it to Disney to make your Monday magical. May the 4th be with you!

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