Winter is here, and so are juicy Game of Thrones spoilers. 

Filming for the final six episodes of HBO's smash hit are finally underway, and though the show is trying to keep everything under wraps, some details have leaked out and into the hands of GoT mega fans. 

We've already seen set leaks, air date reveals from major characters and leaked script pages. Now, the latest slip is a cinematographer revealing which episodes directors were assigned to. Doesn't sound as exciting as the infamous Season 6 episode leak, but it reveals a lot more than you'd think. 

In fact, it tells us a hell of a lot about next season's battles - and as we know, Game of Thrones is all about battles. 

So what does this Game Of Thrones' Season 8's director's lineup tell us about the final six episodes?

Well, after it was leaked on Collider that the show's superstar director, Miguel Sapochnik, would be returning for season 8 with cinematographer Fabian Wagner (they'll be working on episodes 3 and 5), Game of Thrones announced the full directors line up on Entertainment Weekly. Sapochnik would be joined by veteran David Nutter, and they would split the first five episodes. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss would, of course, do the finale.

With Sapochnik and Wagner already doing episodes 3 and 5, and Benioff and Weiss directing the finale, the final line up would therefore look like this, as explained by Elite Daily:

Episode 1: David Nutter

Episode 2: David Nutter

Episode 3: Miguel Sapochnik

Episode 4: David Nutter

Episode 5: Miguel Sapochnik

Episode 6: David Benioff & Dan Weiss

So what does that all mean? Basically, each director listed is chosen for his strengths. Nutter is known for the shock moments of the show. As well as directing the "Red Wedding" episode, Nutter was in charge of Cersei's walk of shame, the burning of Shireen, Dany's freeing of the slaves and the riot in King's Landing. So expect some SERIOUS reveals in episodes 1, 2 and 4.

As for Sapochnik, he specializes in big set pieces, particularly battles, which means the last season of Game of Thrones fans can probably expect a lot of death and dragons. Therefore, episodes 3 and 5 will be the major conflicts of the final episodes. Fans are thinking this is when the rumoured attack on King's Landing will happen, burning it to the ground. We can also probably expect the Army of the Dead here too.

The finale will deal with the ultimate fates of our characters, and the Spring to follow Winter. Pop your popcorn, kiddies, this is gonna be one incredible last season.