Manitoba is the most recent province to administer new driving laws that are going to hammer down on their citizen's "distracted driving" habits. 

It's no surprise that the RCMP has been cracking down on distracted driving. Police have been focusing on distracted driving as they patrol drivers on the road. There has been a lot of talk about what is considered "distracted driving" and we now know, that it is a lot more than just texting and driving.

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As of Friday, new legislation introduced by infrastructure minister Ron Schuler will see that distracted drivers will have their licences suspended for three days. If they are caught a second time, the automatic suspension will be for seven days! 

Can you imagine trying to get to work for an entire week, without your license? That sounds rough. The bill was approved by the minister on Friday but it cannot be distributed until Monday because the Opposition needs time to read it. 

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The new rules are meant to target people using their cellphones while driving, but "grooming your dog, putting makeup on, reading a book and cramming for your exam on the way to university are all included in the legislation. I didn't realize that you could groom a dog while driving but I guess it's a problem in Manitoba?

Reports state that distracted driving accidents in Manitoba went from 2,415 in 2011 to 11,086 in 2016.

Source: CBC News