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Sorry Canada, You Won’t Be Getting Another NBA Team Any Time Soon

Is another Canadian NBA team in the works? Not likely, says NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

If you've been hoping that the Raptors' post-season success will lead to the genesis of a new Canadian NBA team, it may be time to find a new dream. Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver announced to the public that Canada shouldn't expect a second NBA team any time soon. Silver's announcement is in response to the rumoured interest in launching new NBA teams in Canada.

Silver explained, "My answer is, you know, and it’s the same as it’s been for other U.S. cities that have expressed interest, and that is that we are just not in expansion mode at the time."

Canadian basketball fans were hoping for a new team in either Montreal or Vancouver, Sportsnet reported this morning, considering that NBA revenues are at an all-time high.

Fans weren't exactly surprised by Silver's remark.  After all, the NBA hasn't expanded in 17 years.  Nonetheless, Canadians across the country are expressing their disappointment. Especially since Montreal hosted a press conference last fall to promote exactly why Quebec's largest city would be an ideal home to a new Canadian NBA team.

Silver also commented, "I mean, we’re flattered that some other Canadian cities have expressed interest, as some other U.S. cities have, but again nothing new and I’ve said this before, that we, meaning the NBA collectively, all our team owners, are very focused on creating the best possible competition among the 30 teams."

He then added, "And I’m sure inevitably at some point we’ll turn back to expansion, but it’s not on the agenda at this time."

Sorry, Canada. Don't hold your breath for any new Canadian teams - at least for now!