It's hard not to remember the devastating effects that Hurricane Katrina had on Louisiana back in 2005. What's often forgotten is that there are remains standing to this day that show just how devastating those effects were to some of our old favorite spots, including Six Flags in New Orleans. Photos of the former Six Flags, and for a few years Jazzland, show that the theme park no longer operates as usual, though the result of this has led to some pretty spectacular images.

Jazzland operated in New Orleans from 2000 to 2002 before it became a Six Flags park from 2003 to 2005 after which the flooding from Hurrican Katrina made it impossible to reopen. Now, its abandoned remains are all that's left of the once-beloved theme park.

Visiting what's left of New Orleans' former Six Flags is considered trespassing, and is therefore not permitted. We strongly advise keeping a safe distance from the abandoned park if you do happen to be nearby it.

Before it was considered trespassing, people were finding ways to take photos of the eerie remains. 

Many of us have our favorite Six Flags ride and seeing what they look like after being unused for so long is truly shocking. 

Above, we can see an old rollercoaster standing tall within the former park. It's crazy to think that people used to ride it daily!

Bumper carts are every family's favorite attraction, especially if they're looking to beat their siblings or mom or dad at something fun.

Now, the ones pictured above are practically covered in dirt or dust.

Demolishing the park was discussed last year by city officials, though we're unsure of where plans to follow through with this currently stand.

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