Have you ever dreamt of what your fifteen minutes of fame would be like? If you live in Hollywood, you may have a higher chance of scoring a small role but lucky for us, The South is becoming its own mini Hollywood. Casting calls in Louisiana are always popping up and you have tons of chances to apply as an extra in major productions. 

Given that Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake are both filming movies in NOLA right now, we'd say Louisiana is a total hotspot for A-list celebs at the moment.

Added to the mix of productions is the new Regina King movie, One Night in Miami, and you could be the star of the show. Well, not really but you can definitely be an extra.

As long as you are in or around the New Orleans area (where shooting will take place), this position is for you.

Project Casting just announced today (Dec. 19) a casting call for a wide range of contenders to play background actors in the new film, One Night in Miami, directed by Regina King.

When we say the requirements are broad, we mean it. You must be 18 and up and no acting experience is required. This could be your big break! This is a great opportunity to introduce newcomers to the acting world. 

You must fill out a personal questionnaire regarding things like hairstyles, tattoos and willingness to film under certain circumstances. That with a couple photos, and your application is complete. Did we mention it's a paid gig? You'll get $112 for 12 hours.

One Night In Miami is based on a play by Kemp Powers about four "celebrity activists" (think Malcolm X and Sam Cooke) in the 1960s fighting for change.

How cool would it be to travel back in time to the new world-defining Civil Rights Era amongst the stars (literally)?

IMDb has not released information on the cast, but stay tuned to find out who will play the lead roles.

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