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This Surreal Hidden Village In Louisiana Is A Magical Adult's Playground

Make as much noise as you want without getting in trouble!
Hidden Gems In Louisiana Include This Magical Musical Adult Playground

We would all get in trouble when we were younger for making too much noise or using pots and pans as musical instruments. Now, you can interact and make as much noise as you want at this hidden gem in Louisiana — where every building makes music & you're encouraged to make a whole lotta noise. 

Music Box Village is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the ultimate playhouse for adults & kids alike. Everyone comes to NOLA to play, so why not see what this place is all about?

This spot is filled with multiple interactive "music houses" that let you move to the beat of your own drum. You'll find this beauty tucked away amongst the trees and the architecture is so unique you might not even know what it is at first when you walk up to it. They make for some pretty neat Insta-worthy shots.

There are hands-on exhibits that you can actually explore and play scattered all over the property. 

The purpose of this unique site is to expand the imagination of those who visit, to inspire and to connect the community, according to the Music Box website. If you think about it, music is the one thing any community can bond and connect over.

There are treehouses all over the place and each one has something different to offer and to play. Every time you open a door to one of them or hit them, a different sound comes out, chiming a musical tone. 

Every little thing that you touch here, will make some type of sound, which makes it fun to touch everything. As a kid, we were told to keep our hands to ourselves and to not touch things that don't belong to us. Here, it is encouraged that you explore and play with everything! You should even snap a picture to send to your mom or dad. 

The sculptures and architecture are built around the large trees which make for a magical scenery. There is a makeshift bar at this location as well, so you can sip booze while you create your own tunes.

Every now and then, they have musical performances that are worth taking the trip to see. If you want to explore more destinations that bring out your inner kid, you should make your way to North Georgia where you can get elbow deep in dirt, digging for gems and crystals. You can also check out this adult playground with nostalgic video games and punch bowl cocktails. 

Music Box Village 

Price: $12

Address: 4557 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA 70117

Why You Need To Go: This creative, unique space is a musical paradise and interactive space for visitors looking to play. They even have a makeshift bar on site.

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