Mike Thomas Gifted The Saints The New Jordan's & Ted Ginn's Reaction Is Priceless

Twitter is showing every emotion possible.
Jordan 11 Bred Was The Gift Of Choice For Mike Thomas' Teammates

It's Christmas time and that means it's the season of giving. Just because celebs are busy out there being famous, doesn't mean they forget to give. Saints player, Michael Thomas, gifted Jordan 11 Bred shoes to all his teammates and it's seriously the sweetest, but Twitter is green with envy. 

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints wide receiver, decided to do a little random act of kindness for his fellow teammates. The Saints team probably thought it was going to be an ordinary day on Wednesday (Dec. 18) but to their surprise, a box of shoes marked with the Nike logo was sitting in their lockers.

Inside the box wasn't any old pair of shoes. They were Jordan 11 Retro Bred shoes from Air Jordan. Jealous yet? These bad boys (released Dec. 14) go for $220 a pop.

There are at least 50 active players on the roster, so he must have spent close to $11,000. What a generous dude. Hopefully bought a pair for himself as well.

Both players and fans took to Twitter, but for very different reasons. Teammates were thrilled and wanted to show the word, while Twitter is envious of the shoes, which sold out super quick (as most Air Jordans do when released).

The Saint's Twitter page posted a compilation video of some of the players' reactions and some are too hilarious, especially Ted Ginn's.

Ted may have been the most excited of them all, jumping for joy while literally hugging his shoes. The others took to social media, tagging Mike and expressing their gratitude for their shiny new kicks. Looks like DaBaby isn't the only one surprising people with sneakers.

Twitter fans had several reactions. They were wondering why he chose Atlanta colors and how he knew everyone's shoe size. Some are recognizing him for his kindess and others are poking fun at Ted Ginn's reaction or showcasing their anger about Mike hogging all the sneaks.

"Damn Mikey that was very generous of you. Ted acting like a 8 yr old on Christmas morning," states this user.

Another user hilariously tweets, "[Ted's] holding that shoe like it's a baby."

Several users are salty because they couldn't get the shoes before they sold out - and they're blaming Mike.

"So he’s the reason I couldn’t get mine", this person tweets.

Honestly, the whole Twitter comment thread is hilarious so if you're bored, check it out.

Now we're excited to see every player fill the field with red and black Jordans simultaneously. #brotherhood.

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