The best Christmas gift we could have ever received has finally come. Justin Bieber is going on tour for the first time in years and we are here for it. The Bieb's has been off the map for a while, but he's back and better than ever. Justin Bieber's 2020 tour is what we have been needing, and it will be his biggest and best tour yet. 

Our man JB promised us a new album in early 2019 and he is finally delivering. His YouTube video released on Christmas Eve received 1.4 million views just by the afternoon. 

A new album means a new tour and he's also putting out a docu-series. The first single of the album, "Yummy," will be released on Jan. 3, so you know what we'll all be doing that day. Step aside teenie boppers - Millenials, it's our time to shine. 

We knew he would be going to huge venues if he ever went on tour again, but we didn't know which spots he would be occupying. Being the 5th artist to perform at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, this is a big deal. 

He will be traveling to 50 cities around the US and Canada starting May 14 and going until Sept. 26. Tickets are already on sale and people are going crazy for them. 

This announcement really was a Christmas miracle and the 11-year-old in us is screaming. If you didn't have the chance to go when you were younger, you'll have many chances to go if you live in the south. 

The five Southern cities include New Orleans on June 30, Nashville on July 11, Atlanta on July 18, Columbia on July 27 and Greensboro on July 29. 

Whether you live in one of these states or you're willing to travel to see the man of the hour, you won't be disappointed. We don't know the exact date the album will be complete, but we are anticipating its release. 

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