Before this all-new renovation, The New Orleans airport landed itself on America's top ten worst airports, but those days are over. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport decided to do something about its unfortunate ratings and the brand new $1.3B project just revealed itself last week. From a massive, modern atmosphere to a pet relief area, the NOLA airport is shooting its shot at redemption.

If we're being real, no one wants to spend hours in a janky old airport waiting to get on their flight. We want to eat, drink and relax in a welcoming environment where things move quickly.

The old Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport was definitely riding the struggle bus, but the turnaround is a complete 180-degree transformation and Twitter wholeheartedly agrees.

The brand new MSY has a 35-gate terminal that takes up a whopping 972,000-square-feet, providing wide open spaces accented by gorgeous modern decor and a warm ambience. The sleek, futuristic design offers a tiered, three-story space that truly has people shook.

Looks like functionality and atmosphere goals are met.

There are actually some super delish places to grab a bite and pre-flight cocktails because, let's be honest, a little buzz makes your flight much more tolerable.

It may be hard to decide where to stop because you'll have plenty of mouth-watering options like Emeril's Table, Leah's Kitchen, The Munch Factory, Lucky Dogs and MoPho.

Straight fire.

Of course you wouldn't be in NOLA if you don't eat beignets at Cafe du Monde so yes, you can now get them at MSY. Enjoy some signature cocktails or wine from Cure, Bar Sazerac and Heritage School of Music.

Not only does the renovated terminal make your wait time a little less boring, it aims to decrease them. All 16 airlines will fly out of the terminal and efficiency will peak with widened drop-off lanes and a consolidated security check point with 15 TSA lanes.

There are also over 2,000 parking spaces for short term parking and over 2,700 for long term. Even local influencers are chiming in.

You can enjoy fancy amenitites like charging stations, water bottle fill stations, free unlimited WiFi, three nursing rooms and even a pet relief area.

We think it's safe to say that the NOLA International Airport has pulled itself from the fiery pit of worst airports in America. 

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