LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne Has A Massive Net Worth & She's Only A Junior In College

The 20-year-old student makes a ton. 💰

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Olivia Dunne in a white top. Right: Dunne in front of a billboard with her TikTok account on it.

Olivia Dunne in a white top. Right: Dunne in front of a billboard with her TikTok account on it.

A gymnast attending Louisiana State University might be one of the most popular college students in the United States right now, which is probably why she's got such a huge net worth.

If you don't already know her, her name is Olivia Dunne, a 20-year-old student-athlete competing on LSU's women's gymnastics team.

The young woman has become an absolute social media star raking in about 600,000 likes per Instagram post, and facing groups of her "adoring" fans, who come from all over to attend her meets in hopes of any sort of interaction with her.

Dunne's fame has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, and she's definitely earned a bag with the NCAA's new "Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) rule," so let's find out just how much her net worth is.

Olivia Dunne's net worth

She hasn't entirely been transparent about her earnings, but she told the New York Times last year that she earns a proud "seven figures."

On3 NIL, a platform that tracks university athletes' NIL deals, even estimates Dunne will make $3.2 million in 2023, thanks to brand endorsements and monetized social media posts. Dunne's deals with American Eagle and clothing company Vuori definitely help with that!

How did Olivia Dunne become famous?

The gymnast is from Hillsdale, New Jersey, according to her website. Over time, she has garnered a hefty social media following, which now includes 3.2 million Instagram followers and 6.9 million followers on TikTok.

Her utterly viral TikTok account is full of clips of her joking with teammates, hanging out at practice, and joining in on trends.

Literally, every single video she posts gets over 2 million views.

What is the NIL?


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In 2021, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) changed the rules, allowing college athletes to earn or sell their rights to brands using their "Name, Image, or Likeness."

"College athletes who attend a school in a state without an NIL law can engage in this type of activity without violating NCAA rules related to name, image and likeness," the NCAA release states.

This was a game changer since NCAA rules previously barred students from earning a penny for their fame, and if they did, they were penalized.

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Texas Staff Writer
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