In New Orleans, when it drops below 70 degrees it's called Gumbo Weather. But not everyone can make a tasty gumbo. These seven places around New Orleans have the best and cheapest gumbo in town.

What is gumbo? Gumbo is the official dish of Louisiana, a soup that's filled with cajun and creole flavors, and usually either Andouille and chicken or seafood. Bon Appetit!

1. Acme Oyster House

Price: $7.99/bowl

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Address: French Quarter, 724 Iberville St.

Why You Need To Go: Go for the oysters, stay for the gumbo! This chain always has a line out the door for lunch, but it is 100% worth it to wait. They're known for their raw and chargrilled oysters, but the gumbo is a real gem. Try their seafood gumbo with shrimp and crab, or the chicken and Andouille version.

2. Palace Cafe

Price: $9.00/cup

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Address: French Quarter, 605 Canal St.

Why You Need To Go: This fabulously high-class restaurant is a great place to get a cheap cup of gumbo. They also have a beautiful outdoor seating section right on Canal Street. Try their Seafood Gumbo or Gumbo Ya-Ya for lunch or dinner!

3. Gumbo Shop

Price: $9.50/bowl

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Address: French Quarter, 630 St. Peter St.

Why You Need To Go: For starters, gumbo is literally in the name. Gumbo Shop has a great variety of different gumbos, like Gumbo Z'Herbes, a green vegetarian gumbo or the traditional seafood okra.

4. Brigtsen's

Price: $9.00/bowl

Cuisine: Creole/Acadian

Address: Uptown, 723 Dante Street

Why You Need To Go: Brigsten's has been around since 1986 with the same owner and Chef, Frank Brigtsen. His theory is "local farms, local fish, local flavor" and he does it really well. He can tell you the name of the andouille guy he's been using for years, or about the family that picks his okra. Brigtsen's menu changes every day, but right now they are offering a delicious File' Gumbo with Rabbit & Andouille Sausage.

5. Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Price: $9.95/bowl

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Address: Lakefront, 7400 Lakeshore Dr.

Why You Need To Go: Not only is there great food at Felix's but if you ask for a seat on the back deck, you're treated to a spectacular view! In addition to their delicious Seafood Gumbo, try out their unusual Jameson Green Tea Daiquiri.

6. Ye Olde College Inn

Price: $8.00/bowl

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Address: Mid-City, 3000 South Carrollton Ave.

Why You Need To Go: Ye Olde College Inn is a real Farm to Table experience, as they have a farm right outside the restaurant. Currently, they're serving an Autumn Turkey and Andouille Gumbo that sounds delish. Be sure to check out Rock 'n Bowl, which is a bowling alley and live music venue on their property.

7. Dooky Chase

Price: $7.95/bowl

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Address: Seventh Ward, 2301 Orleans Ave

Why You Need To Go: You cannot talk about gumbo in Nola without mentioning the "Queen of Creole Cuisine" Leah Chase, it's sacrilegious! She and her husband owned Dooky Chase and she was the executive chef until she passed away earlier this year. Dooky Chase offers a delicious buffet that changes daily, but the staples are always the same: Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo, Poor Boys, Shrimp Clemenceau, and Stuffed Shrimp. And if that doesn't convince you, Beyonce loves it.