Krampus is known as the dark side of Christmas, and in NOLA, we think that's something to be celebrated. Next month, the Krewe of Krampus parade is creepifying Christmas in the best possible way -- with a mischievous parade. But watch out, if you've been naughty this year you might just get a lump of coal.

Every year, the Krewe of Krampus parades through the Bywater led by Krampus. Troupes that follow Krampus, like The Frau, Swampus, and Y'ules are based on other folklore.

This year the Krewe of Krampus parade is on December 7th at 7 p.m. starting at Parleaux Beer Lab (Corner of Royal and Lesseps St.) and finishing at Bratz Y'all! (617-B Piety St.)

It's all based on the Alpine legend of Krampusnacht, a night in December when the Krampus punishes children who have misbehaved. As for Krampus, think the polar opposite of Santa Claus: a horned, goat-demon creature. That's terrifying. 

One unique troupe in the Krewe of Krampus is the Sisters of Shhh, or the "Sisters of SHe Harkens Him." These beautiful ice queens warn all that Krampus is coming. All the while, waiting for you to misbehave so they can steal your soul.

The Krewe of Krampus Parade chooses an honorary guest to represent Saint Nicholas, in his traditional garb -- that of the Bishop of Turkey in 270 AD. This traditional European version of Mr. Claus serves as the King of the Parade. 

Each troupe hands out their signature parade throw, lumps of coal. If you're lucky you'll catch the trinity: black, white and gold coals!

The Krewe also invites attendees to come as you are, but you might have a better chance at scoring some coal if you dress up. Use your imagination: traditional Alpine characters, angels, fairies, elves, and woodland creatures are all welcome. 

Krewe of Krampus Parade

Price: Free

When: December 7, 2019 @ 7 p.m.

Address: Parleaux Beer Lab, Royal St. & Lesseps St.

Why You Need To Go: It's the perfect place to be mischeivous before Santa is watching.