Wearing a face mask in public is the new norm these days and seeing all of the different kinds that people are making has been quite entertaining. Big companies, small businesses, and more are taking on the challenge of creating a face mask that's ideal for their audience, even if that means being able to sip cocktails while still protecting your face! This New Orleans woman created face masks that you can sip cocktails while wearing and they're all the rage.

Ellen Macomber, a New Orleans local and owner of a small business, designed her face masks to have perforated, small lip-level holes to make sipping cocktails doable during this weird time.

There's been a wide variety of masks made in wake of the novel coronavirus, but none quite like these.

Now that alcohol consumption has increased in each state due to so many staying home, cocktails are being consumed left and right.

Macomber's masks have been quite the hit in her community, and now the word is spreading about them quickly.

Macomber's cocktail-sipping face masks are being sold for $30 each right now.

According to her website, the New Orleans businesswoman's face masks are so popular that pre-orders for this week are already sold out.

At the beginning of each week, she updates her website to show new availability. 

In the future, we can expect even more kinds of masks from the crafty Macomber.

According to her website, she's working on making other masks with no straw holes and cotton basic masks. 

Whether you're wanting to sip on an iced coffee or a cold, alcoholic beverage, this face mask is ideal for you.

Check out all the options and maybe even buy one from her website here.