Nature has been resetting while we humans have been absent these past few weeks, and plenty of us are itching to go exploring again. You can scratch that itch by "going" on a New Orleans Cajun Adventure Tour from the comfort of your own home! The experience is one-of-a-kind and will truly immerse you into this incredible swamp.

With New Orleans & Company, you can actually take a thrilling swamp tour of Honey Island Swamp on a trip with Cajun Encounters.

The website is fully interactive and is in a stunningly clear definition, really giving you the feel like you're stepping out of your home city and headed into NOLA.

You can even engage in the action in Virtual Reality since the website offers formatting for VR users!

On your virtual tour, you will hop on a flat-bottomed boat and sail through gator territory while you see so many cool details of the New Orleans swamp and the gators within it.

On your tour, you’ll get to see giant snapping alligators and curious raccoons engaging with you in their natural habitat.

You can find the virtual tour here!

Beware, the gators bite! But don't worry, you'll be safe from your couch.

After your trip through the swamps, you can "fly" over New Orleans and check out tons of other iconic spots in the city like Downtown, Audubon Park and Zoo, and City Park and the Museum of Art.

You could spend plenty of time exploring the city and all of the fun interactive spots that are on the great virtual map. It's time to really get to know the iconic Louisiana city. And in a very safe way.

Cajun Encounters is a part of the Louisiana Nature Conservancy, so they aim to protect the environment by giving guests an interactive experience without harming or disrupting nature in any way.

While they also offer incredible in-person tours where you can actually glide through the still waters of the Honey Island Swamp, you might want to book that trip once the world is back in order.

You do not want to miss out on exploring the depths of the gorgeous swamps on this epic virtual tour!