You Can Get A Cheap VIP Mardi Gras Experience On These New Orleans Balconies

Affordable tickets with six hour open bar, you say?
These New Orleans Balconies Are The Best Locations To Celebrate Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras celebrations take place nearly all of January and February, so the clock is ticking when it comes to solidifying your trip to NOLA. It's prime time to get your hotels, airfare, and game plan together for a huge couple of days leading up to Fat Tuesday on Feb. 25. If you're a little unsure of how to navigate Mardi Gras 2020, have no fear. This epic way to celebrate Mardi Gras has the best seats in the state to experience all the madness. 

You need to celebrate Mardi Gras on the historic balconies of Bourbon Street. You'll have a birds-eye view of all the action, but you're still close enough to get in on all the fun of the giant parades. All the partygoers will be looking up at you to throw some beads their way, so make it rain. 

This is a complete VIP experience because you have access to everything you could ever want to get down in the Big Easy: a six-hour open bar, small bites to eat, a private restroom (a necessity when the city is so packed), and the best location to people watch. 

There are a couple of different participating bars, time slots, and dates you can choose from. Sunday (Feb. 23), Monday (Feb. 24), and of course Fat Tuesday are the rowdiest days, so put in your request for time off now. 

Balconies are only so big and space is limited, so it's crucial that you invest in a ticket ASAP. Depending on the venue and day, tickets start at $120+. 

Re-entry is completely okay, so you can even venture down into the streets to amp up the party. 

While you're in New Orleans, there are a couple of completely crazy things you have to do there to make the most of your trip. 

Can't get enough of Mardi Gras? This Mardi Gras themed Carnival cruise should be next on your bucket list. 

Mardi Gras On Bourbon Street Balconies

Price: $120+ 

Address: Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Why You Need To Go: Mardi Gras is the most acclaimed party in the U.S.A. and needs to be celebrated in style on these balconies. 


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